Hello! I’m Audrey, and… sometimes I climb the underside of staircases!


I’ve always considered myself to be a little left of center.

I would categorize myself as a tree-hugging, simple-living, free spirit of sorts who valued experience over commodity any day.

But something happened.

Almost a year ago, I realized I had lost my way. I lost touch with my priorities and let the lifestyle creep push its way into my simple, peaceful world.

It all came to a head when a car accident forced me into a purchase I couldn’t afford. Signing papers in triplicate for another vehicle led to reflection and intense analysis of all of my past and present decisions.

And it’s what led me here.

I’m here to write about the four areas of my life that require reflection and realignment. These include my personal finances, consumption, impact, and priorities.

Through my writing, I hope to connect with like-minded individuals and encourage others to reflect and realign.

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